Retail Security

Time served Retail Security Guards in Liverpool

For over two-decades, CSS Security has been providing expertly trained and SIA-certified retail security guards to businesses in and around Liverpool and the wider Merseyside area. We have experience in efficiently dealing with issues such as shoplifting, robbery, anti-social behaviour and disputes between customers –as well as knowing how to deter persons from this sort of activity; in this sense our work is both preventative and reactive.

We’re highly aware that no two businesses are exactly alike, and as such each has different needs in the security department. That’s why we take great efforts to tailor our services to your needs, whether you operate a small independent retailer, a company with multiple locations throughout Liverpool and its surrounds, or a much larger site like a shopping centre or retail park.

Another reason why Liverpool and Merseyside clients opt for our retail security guards over competing companies, is that we understand the nuanced nature of our job: customers should feel safe, yet in no way intimidated or put off from browsing a store or shopping centre at their leisure. It’s our job to protect your business interests in every way, so a heavy-handed and careless approach would be completely counter-intuitive. CSS Security can provide store detectives who excel in this department, integrating themselves seamlessly to both reduce disruption and improve the likelihood of catching a criminal, serving as your eyes and ears on the shop floor. This allows you to get on with the many other important aspects of running a successful retailer.

A Range of Security Solutions

An addition to the provision of retail security guards who patrol sites, we can consult, source and install static alarm and CCTV systems which provide an extra level of protection against retail-based crime. Combined with our ultra-fast response time to any incidents that might occur, you have a team that’s always ready to deal with suspicious, disruptive or actively criminal behaviour at a moment’s notice. We’ll do so in a way that minimises any negative impact on your business’s day-to-day operation. With larger areas to cover, we can develop rounded strategies that incorporate static CCTV, patrols, and guards set in fixed place at high-risk areas.

On top of these core aspects of retail security, we can provide Liverpool and Merseyside businesses with first aid coverage and plans for issues like in-store fires and similar emergency situations. In-short, we provide a one-stop security solution that provides complete peace of mind, while protecting you from loss of earnings due to stock damage/loss, or a downturn in business due to anti-social situations and controversy that might follow on.

For more information about how retail security guards can help you safeguard your Liverpool or Merseyside business, call CSS Security on 0151 549 0606.