Key Holding Guards

The First Choice for Key Holding Services in Liverpool & Merseyside

CSS Security specialises in the allocation of highly experienced key holding guards to commercial and industrial sites throughout Liverpool and Merseyside. Key holding guards are specially trained in responding to alarm calls and hold full first aid training, while also providing benefits such as quick access to your property should you get locked out. An SIA-approved company, we tailor our services to your individual needs; we will consult with you to identify exactly what it is you require of key holding guards, ensuring your business is 100% covered and you receive complete peace of mind.

Some clients around Liverpool and Merseyside wish for key holding guards that patrol a premises continuously and at all hours, providing a maximum level of security and deterring any would-be trespasser. Others wish for security guards to stay off-site, but to be at hand to respond to alarms or potentially dangerous situations at the drop of a hat… Whatever your needs, we have you covered.

Fast & Professional Alarm Response

Our staff have a huge amount of experience in responding to tripped alarms, and can stay cool and calm under pressure; there’s no situation they can’t handily deal with. Any trespasser will be found and apprehended, and the police called to ensure the criminal is detained. Our close ties with the Liverpool and Merseyside police ensure a quick response to these calls. Once all has been taken care of, we will go through protocol and log the details of the incident to pass on to you at your earliest convenience – we won’t be waking you up in the middle of the night, unless you wish us to.

By making use of CSS Security’s key holding guards you also avoid the need of locating and training staff to hold spare keys – something which carries a risk to it, as a misplaced or lost key can constitute a major security breach. We will keep a key in a secure location off site, and quickly retrieve it if ever you require it. This way, Liverpool and Merseyside businesses can cover themselves and reduce the likelihood of a break-in, some of which are malicious and coordinated with a “person on the inside”.

Why go with a lesser security firm? For trustworthy key holdings guards and a service tailored to your needs, call CSS Security in Liverpool on 0151 549 0606.