Night Watchman

Keep Your Premises Safe With a Night Watchman Security Guard in Liverpool

Many criminals operate under cover of darkness, meaning that once you and your staff have left a premises, the risk of break-in spikes up drastically. One way to deal with this is by hiring a night watchman security guard with CSS Security, a SIA-certified contractor covering Liverpool and the surrounding Merseyside area.

A night watchman security guard has specialist training and experience in operating in the late hours of the night, and will conduct carefully set patrols which cover all areas of your site –with a focus placed upon potentially vulnerable areas which thieves are most likely to target. In addition to external patrols, a CSS night watchman security guard can carry out internal patrols, to ensure there is nowhere to hide for any potential intruder.

Tailored Security Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Commercial and industrial clients in the Liverpool and Merseyside area can also invest in CCTV systems, precisely positioned and calibrated for best effect. These will then monitored by a trained night watchman security guard who knows exactly what to look for, and how to respond to any perceived threats. Close ties with Liverpool and Merseyside police mean that any call made for police assistance will be quickly tended to. Keep in mind that a night watchman security guard and CCTV coverage not only allows this quick and effective response to issues like attempted theft or criminal damage, but provides a deterrent to reduce the likelihood it occurs in the first place.

We’ve also provided a night watchman security guard to high profile private clients who have residencies around Liverpool and Merseyside at increased risk of being targeted by criminals. So it really doesn’t matter who you are or what your particular needs are, we can formulate a bespoke security strategy that meets all your requirements.

For more information on how a night watchman security guard can keep your premises safe once the sun goes down, call Liverpool and Merseyside’s CSS Security on 0151 549 0606.