Concierge Security Guards

Uphold Your Business’s Reputation With Our Concierge Security Guards in Liverpool & Merseyside

Certain types of business operating around Liverpool and Merseyside require a professional or team of professionals trained in both the arts of interacting with customers and clients, and keeping a business safe from potential threats. This is where CSS Security comes in. Our concierge security guards are both polite, well informed and helpful, as well as ready to deal with unwelcome situations at the drop of a hat.

Concierge security guards have the core and essential security skills and SIA-certification, alongside first aid, front of house and reception skills. They can expertly deal with enquiries from customers, ensuring your business is properly represented and customers walk away with a smile on their face. By combining two core roles, concierge security guards can save Liverpool and Merseyside businesses both financial expenditure and the hassle of hiring, training and paying twice as many employees as required.

A Nuanced Approach to Security

It’s important to note that generic security guards are not trained in all the subtleties of front of house work, or operating a reception desk, for example. Liverpool and Merseyside businesses which do not invest in specially trained concierge security guards are risking damage to their reputation, due to an unideal encounter between said guards and their customers.

Our specialists will keep intact, or even heighten your company’s reputation, while providing peace of mind to customers and management alike. They can wear formal security garb or alternative uniform which fits in with your business’s brand. In this sense as well as the more general sense, our concierge security guards’ approach is tailored to your requirements, as with all other areas of CSS Security’s work.

So let our team of consummate professionals handle everything from greeting your customers, to protecting the premises from criminal damage, theft and other criminal activity –there’s no better option in Liverpool or wider Merseyside!

So what are you waiting for? For highly trained and fully certified concierge security guards in Liverpool and Merseyside, call CSS Security on 0151 549 0606!