Your Trusted Event, Concierge, Construction& Retail Security Guards in Liverpool

Are you searching for a highly reliable, time-served team of licenced security guards active in the Liverpool and Merseyside area? You’ve found them. For over 20 years, CSS Security Ltd has provided all types of security– from construction security guards and retail security guards, to concierge security guards and night watchman security guards –to commercial, industrial and private clients.

Below, we’ve run over some of the core reasons why our loyal client base are so keen to recommend our services, and the keys to our longevity. If you’d like to discuss your particular requirements and how we can meet them with our highly capable team of SIA Approved security guards, pick up the phone and call our Liverpool office on 0151 549 0606.

Reasons to Choose CSS Security Over Competitors in Liverpool

Experienced, Ex-Military Management

CSS Security Ltd was founded by Denis Bailey and Mick Harris, both ex-Guardsmen of exemplary past military record. They run the company and maintain an excellent relationship with licensing officers, police forces and area and local management teams.

This background in the military, dealing with demanding and stressful situations in a calm and methodical manner, and at all times maintaining a flawless degree of professionalism and aptitude, perfectly crosses over to our role in the provision of everything from a night watchman security guard, to a large team of event security guards for clients in the Liverpool area.

Specialist Security Guards to Meet All Needs

We have over 100 staff at our disposal, each of which hold core training which is supplemented by specialist training making them fit to serve as, for example: a generic manned security guard, retail security guards, construction security guards, concierge security guards, key holding guards etc.

This is hugely preferable compared to the alternative: companies around Liverpool and Merseyside which might provide “one size fits all” solutions, and the same security guards for every task. You’ll quickly find out, the hard way, that not all security guards are concierge security guards when you receive a complaint following an awkward, unhelpful or even unpleasant interaction between a client/customer and a guard. So don’t make that mistake: allow us to assign the perfect professional/s for the job at hand.

More Than Just Security Guards

For many of our Liverpool clients, it’s essential that the security they choose isn’t just capable of providing proactive and reactive assistance in preventing theft, criminal damage and similar unwanted events; it’s also key they can interact with customers and clients in a friendly, courteous way – and provide their services in an unintimidating way, as with poorly trained retail security guards or concierge security guards, the wrong type of people could be deterred from the premises and that would detract from the core business.

This is where CSS Security excels. Whether it’s the aforementioned retail security guards and concierge security guards, or a different team like our event security guards, we have staff who can expertly interact with customers, clients and the general public at large – ensuring that the professionalism and commitment to customer service your business embodies is reflected in its choice of security guards.

To discuss your requirements with a team taking in everything from retail security guards in Liverpool, to key holding guards in Merseyside – call 0151 549 0606.